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Mandarin Immersion: 

Our curriculum is taught in Mandarin with some English translation when needed.  HB children are displayed both Mandarin and English to help promote more open-mindedness, learn about other cultures, develop tolerance, and give them an educational advantage that comes with learning another language. We teach the values of Chinese culture and display how east and west cultures can not only co-exist but seamlessly complement one another. At Happa Baby, every aspect of our program reflects our core values that advocate community building, compassion for others, blending cultures, and allowing children to explore at their own pace. 


Non-Traditional Curriculum: 

Our broad-minded curriculum incorporates the concepts of free play and exploration while also fostering a love for learning and academics. Our curriculum focuses on spontaneous learning through self-directed play with minimal adult interference. By continually giving the children different materials and activities, they are allowed the opportunity to develop more curiosity, along with better problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Well balanced activities like yoga, martial arts, dance, and meditation help with memory, cognitive functioning and improves independence and coping skills. 


Real Life Experiences: 

To give children more learning opportunities they may have otherwise not been exposed to, we bring in local members of our community. Local reps, such as firemen, police officers, mail carries, or business owners, will come in from time to time to give the children a first-hand look at the roles and responsibilities of various professions (Temporarily on hold). 


Strong Family Bond: 

We wholeheartedly believe that ongoing communication between parents and teachers is critical to providing the best care for your child. By joining Happa Baby, you will be given access to our app, where you will receive updates and messages from your child’s teacher throughout the day. Photos, daily reports, and development milestones will be tracked daily and reported back to parents. 


Happa Baby Leadership: 

Our qualified teachers and team members are made up of young, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals, handpicked for their love of children and passion for education. Teachers use age-appropriate strategies to craft curriculums centered around self-directed play, and encouraging creativity while being their helping hand, confidant, and caretaker. 

Hours of operation:

8am-5pm Monday-Friday

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