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HB offers robust programs designed for newborns to preschool/transitional kindergarten children.  Our curriculum aids in developing the whole child which includes Physical, Science, Language, Math, Music and Art as well as Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). We adopt the Scaffolding Method in our teaching by breaking up information into small chunks and offering just enough support to the children to complete the task (problemsolving skills).  In doing so, children learn new skills by building on experiences and knowledge they already have.  In addition, we enhance these experiences with ALL their senses!  Which is why there are lots of touching, smelling, feeling, and tasting in our classroom.

Newborns (3-9 months)

Low staff to child ratio: one to three

Aside from the basic physical needs, newborn babies seek comfort and security from their caregivers which is the early stage of learning about their world through relationships.

At HAPPA BABY, our staff understands the importance of relationship and bond building starts with the littlest members of our community. They aid in the development of healthy attachment with their caregivers through warm and gentle affection responsive interactions and loving touches.

Infants (9-18 months)

Low staff to child ratio: one to three

Older infants are ready to explore their world and are becoming more adventurous as their increasing mobility allows them to have new experiences. They are very curious and will actively investigate objects and people in their environment, while still needing the security that familiar adults provide.

Under close supervision, our little ones are given space to practice their fine and gross motor skills with lots of Pincer activities, child-led feeding, open-ended play space and music with movements.


Toddlers (18-27 months)

Staff to child ratio: one to five

During this stage of development, toddlers begin to experience new emotions, such as anger, frustration, guilt, shame, possessiveness, and excitement. These feelings can be hard for them to handle, and they might throw tantrums.  This is a great time to teach your toddlers to link their feelings with words and practice letting some of these emotions out by things like petting an injured animal to comfort it or asking an adult caregiver for a hug when feeling sad.

Our well-thought-out curriculum are designed to support the language, cognitive and physical developments of our toddlers.

Young preschoolers (27-36 months)

Staff to child ratio: one to five

As children move into the young preschool classroom, they have already established the basic social skills in their interactions with their peers and teachers. We work with them to provide more opportunities for them to practice their verbal communication skills, develop empathy and lengthen their patience.

In addition, we should create atmospheres and situations that allow them to combine different experiences in appropriate situations to promote creativity and confidence. Our teacher encourage children to take risks by setting up age-appropriate challenges or a new activity they may be hesitant to try to develop a sense of risk and managing it.

Preschoolers to TK (36+ months)

Staff to child ratio: one to seven

Our preschoolers are entering into an exciting and rapid-learning stage in our oldest classroom. They are able to negotiate their social environment using dialogue as well as taking care of their own needs and those of others. This is a critical juncture to character and resilience building. Our teachers aim to inspire their students to take on just enough challenges and learn to navigate new territories, they’ll not only strengthen their character but learn to think and do for themselves, resulting in better decision-making as they grow.

Additionally, we integrate the teaching of Chinese traditional values into our educational model to promote collectivism over individualism. Our mission to build a stronger sense of family and community is carried through instilling the virtues of kindness, respect, loyalty and humility.

Students graduating from this class will be well-equipped and ready to transition to any kindergarten that you choose for your child’s educational path.

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