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A safe environment:

The safety of our children has always been our utmost priority at Happa Baby, and always will be. Our outdoor space is fully enclosed and secured during hours of operation to ensure the safety of your child.

Nutritious, delicious meals:

We understand parents are busy. We got breakfast, lunch, and snacks covered! All of our food at Happa Baby is prepared fresh daily using top quality, nourishing ingredients to fuel active growing bodies.

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Self-sufficiency teaching:

Independent kids =happy kids. Children are assigned age-appropriate tasks so they can learn to be self-sufficient, such as setting up and wiping down the table and pouring water in a cup...etc. We encourage learning through art, music, dance, exercise, and more brain-stimulating activities. Compared to the more traditional education approach, where teachers are the active givers of information, and children are passive receivers, at Happa Baby, we encourage our children to teach and help each other. Children will learn at their own pace and independently find what they need.

Excellent teacher-parent communication:

Happa Baby adopts the latest technology to help you stay involved with what your child is doing during the day and keep track of their developmental milestones--all within a mobile app. Your child’s caretakers will send videos, photos, and updates throughout the day to allow parents to feel more connected while their children are in our care.

Special events:

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We host monthly events for our community of Happa Baby families to connect and get to know one another. You and your family will be invited to join us for potlucks, barbecues and movies (Temporarily on hold).

Parents date nights:

Need a night off? Optional date nights offered each month for an additional fee to give you an evening off--kids free! We’ll take care of your little ones from 6pm to 9pm. Kids will enjoy a fun evening with us while you enjoy a date with your special someone (Temporarily on hold).

Flexible enrollment schedule:

Happa Baby has rolling admissions, and children are enrolled as openings occur throughout the year. Families are required to sign a twelve-month contract, after which it becomes month-to-month.

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